Friday, August 14, 2009

bonny scot

Our final day in Edinburgh, and our final day on this study abroad. How did it come so quickly? 

I try not to do "last day" things, because then I'm just sentimental and I don't get anything done. But throughout the day I try to take in as much as I can, so when I'm home I don't feel like I blew through my time here. There is always the thought that I'll be back next summer, but there's never any guarantee of that. I suspect I'll be back, I hope I'll be back, but a lot can happen in a year. Or not happen, which could prevent my return as well. So I'm trying to enjoy it while I got it.

My day started strangely, though that was by choice. I went to a dance theatre piece of Edgar Allen Poe's The Red Room. It was all done, obviously, through dance, but it was very modern. It was really Sonja/Mia, if they went through a disturbing phase where everyone twitched and gave birth and wore creepy white clown costumes. I actually liked it a lot. I couldn't always follow the story, but who cares? It was cool dancing, and was one of the most visually arresting things I've ever watched. I enjoyed it. 

We did one last bout of advertisement on the Royal Mile. I was proud of us. We made a lot of noise. By the end of it my voice was hoarse, but I tried to have some fun with it. I made less and less sense as the hour progressed, but it was all for the sake of art. We did not double our audience as we had hoped, but we still gave a wonderful show to the little crowd that did come. Sadly, our four star review is published tomorrow - the day after we leave the country! I guess them's the breaks. All the same, it was a wonderful experience and the students will always be able to say they performed at the world's largest fringe festival. That's pretty awesome.

Kekoa came to the performance and took me out for the "world's best curry" afterward. We also had these sweet little donut things, but they were only semi-delicious. We ate this curry in the park where a drunk guy tried to kick us last year. This year we were left undisturbed. Kekoa was trying to trick me into going to see The Ladyboys of Bangkok show, but you will be happy to know that instead we hiked to the top of Arthur's Seat. It's the largest hill in Edinburgh, and is basically an old volcano. The views from the top are spectacular. Here are a few:

And, a 360!

We spotted a cute little teenage couple and we spied on them. They were cozy. But no kissing.

Tonight we attended the Military Tattoo. This was my second time at the Tattoo, though we were sitting in a completely different section of the audience this year, so I got a whole new experience. It's always very rousing. It's like a big Stadium of Fire for Scotland, just less fireworks and no Miley Cyrus. Lots of marching bands in kilts, and LOTS of bagpipes, and the castle lights up in different colors, and you have to touch your neighbor at one part.

The best part about the show tonight was probably Anne, who was our usher. Anne LOVES the tattoo. She kept making us clap and sing along, and she winked at me when I sang the chorus of "Hey, Jude" super loud. Another time we all had to hold hands and sing "Auld Lang Syne" and Anne grabbed Aubrey and rocked her back and forth. Aubrey was shocked, though a good sport, and we laughed pretty hard at that. Later I had to take a leak, and I saw a bunch of blue and gray portapotties outside of the venue. I assumed the blue and gray meant ladies and mens, and so I asked Anne which one was which. She told me, in her awesome accent, "Gray is for standin', blue is for sittin.'" Here is a picture of Anne. She's probably singing something really loud.

The crowd was packed and it was a tight squeeze getting out of the venue. Though it did warm us up. Tomorrow we head out at 8:30. I'll recap all of that when I'm back in Zion!