Sunday, July 29, 2007


I had an enjoyable day with Alex Ungerman today. Alex is one of my students from UVSC, and also a terrific actor who has been in a few of my shows. The great thing about Alex is that he likes to walk around town, even though his feet hurt him. Actually, just one of his feet, which is curious. Anyway, we walked around a lot today buying power converters, bath towels, and soap. Jeez, when am I NOT buying power converters and soap these days! If I had a nickel.....

Anyway, Alex and I also chanced upon a wonderful show tonight called The Car Man. To be honest, we went to it because it was the only thing playing tonight. Seriously, the only thing. But I saw that it was a Matthew Bourne piece, and I'm all about the Matthew Bourne and, as has been very well documented, the modern dance. Turns out this was an adaptation of Bizet's Carmen, except all dance, and set in 1960's America. It was all about a greasy auto shop in middle america, so you know you're going to see people ordering fries at the burger joint and then doing Pas de bourrées. The poster said it was "thrilling" "glamourous" and "sexy," and boy, howdy! The sexy didn't stop! Where's the hot tamale train, Mary Murphy? Alex and I really liked it. Not the sexy, I mean the dancing. It is so exciting to see creative minds working and reinventing. I forget how amazing theatre over here is. It really is an art form and you leave the theatre completely inspired. And by inspired, I mean that I did some Martha Graham contractions on the tube.

On the walk home, we saw this:

and also this:

and pondered the meaning of life: