Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Lisa and I set off after class today, and we actually ate breakfast! I don't eat breakfast. I'm usually not hungry in the mornings. Maybe I'll drink juice or something. But Lisa, who is a human being and not a robot, is hungry in the morning. So we stopped at the hummingbird bakery. It's just down the street from our flat, though I have never been there. And we didn't really eat breakfast food, but who cares? I had a red velvet cupcake and Lisa had a blackbottom cupcake with cream cheese frosting. We ate them on the tube to Knightsbridge.

Because Lisa and I are young and in love, we decided to go with the students to the Imperial War Museum. Nothing really says love and springtime like trench exhibits and WWII bi-planes. We didn't go to any of the special pay exhibitions, because we never do, but there is so much in the War Museum to look at that there's really never enough time. It was fun to show Lisa the Children's War exhibition, which I love to look at every year. And then we had lunch in the cafe. Lisa had macoroni and cheese in a gravy boat, and I had a chicken pot pie. Can you tell I'm hungry right now? Everything comes back to food. I can start talking about Hitler and wind up discoursing on sea salt and pepper kettle chips.

Then we crossed the river at the Lambeth Bridge and headed to the Tate Britain. The Tate Britain was pretty spicy this year! Like naked stuff. I always think of it as being really demure and classical of an art museum, but this year it was pretty hooch in sections. They have added a lot of modern art. I particularly enjoyed:

Nocturne: Blue and Silver, by Whistler

Ochre Still Life, by William Scott

Yellow Painting, by Patrick Heron

And in the museum we bought the following:

Since our shw tonight was at the Donmar Warehouse, we had to swing by Neal's Yard not to buy soap, but to take pictures in that colorful little nook. Here is my best attempt at being Justin Hackworth:

Tonight we saw A Streetcar Named Desire at the Donmar Warehouse. I love Tennessee Williams, and I love the Donmar Warehouse, and I love Rachel Weisz so I was bound to love this show. And I did. Both of us did. It's wonderfull to see this play, an incredibly difficult play to pull off, done with this much clarity and imagination. And the design was fantastic. Rachel Weisz made Blanche actually likeable, as opposed to the fretting, panicking, annoying portrayal you usually get. She really broke your heart at the end. It was by far my favorite play so far.

Lisa and I, living large, had a meal at McDonald's in Leicester Square after the show. I know, we're big spenders. But we're on vacation - and nothing is too good for my baby!