Tuesday, July 21, 2009

welcome, wolverines!

In my usual tradition of laziness, I'm using someone else's photographs. I actually have a camera with me this year, and it was in my possession all day, but it says "Memory Card Full" whenever I take a picture and there are literally 9 pictures on the card. So, riddle me that. Anyway, big thanks to Jason Sullivan, who stepped in as today's photomeister.

My chickens came home to roost at various intervals throughout the day. I would hear their sad, heavy shuffling outside my window and the clickity clacks of their luggage down the cobblestones indicating that yes, the Wolverines have arrived. And in an exciting new metaphor, I just turned chickens into wolverines! I helped them with their luggage and tried to remain undeterred by some Italian woman who thought I was a residential assistant for our building and kept demanding that I show her how to unlock her deadbolt and give her my fresh towels. Which I did, because this lady was scary.

As is our tradition, we had our first group meeting, which is also a tour of Kensington, which is also torture for some of them. I'm plying these kids with caffeine pills and Diet Coke and doing all I can to keep them walking. Anything to stave off the looming jet lag. And they did very well (with the exception of the aforementioned Mr. Sullivan who fell asleep, standing up, at a bus stop.)

But later in the evening, after catnaps were had and food was ingested (we try to speak in the passive tense here in Kensington) they were feeling peppy and adventurous, so we headed downtown for their first grand tour. Here are the pictures to prove it:

Sometimes I tell stories so fascinating and vital that they actually make people tear up and cry. Sarah-lucy falls victim to this. Oddly, I think I am telling the same exact story in the same exact spot as I was last year in this picture.

Let me introduce you to Levi Brown. I think you will see him frequently in these pictures.

We were laughing about something so funny! I don't remember what it was! But man, it was so funny!

Here we are walking along the Thames. MUST.....FIGHT....JET....LAG

Westminster and Big Ben. Perfect time of day to see it. 

Remember when Levi grabbed me and tried to throw me into that fountain? That was so funny for Levi! He really enjoyed that "joke." 

By federal law, all dolphins should shoot water out of their mouth. There was a sign here telling us that this water is not fit for public use. It's kind of gross. What do they mean?

Leicester Square, and the night is young.

Walking along Pall Mall towards Buckingham Palace. I usually like to tell scary stories here, but it was still too light out. So we just did more laughing!

The laughing ended when I tried to use the public urinals and they were locked. And then I got some poisonous nettles on my hand!

But even in my pain, I still can manage to appreciate the beauty of London town.