Thursday, May 25, 2006


Despite being the Mormoniest bunch of yahoos in town, a big group of us went to St. Martin-in-the-Field church tonight and sang in the Ascension service. It was pretty glorious. We sang with the BBC singers, who did all the descant. And then the BBC orchestra played Mozart's Missa Solemnis, and the choir sang to that as well. There was this one lady who sang so loud that I saw a chandelier quiver. There was one part where we were supposed to greet the person next to us, and say "Peace be with you." You could hug them, or shake their hands. It was easy for me, because I was next to Mark on my right side, so I gave him a big manly hug. But on the other side of me was this old man, who also wanted a hug. But I put out my hand like I was going to shake his, and then we had that whole awkward "hug or handshake" dilemma. And then we sang more songs with the choir.

When I say that we sang with the choir, I mean us and the rest of the congregation. But we sang the loudest, because, well, we're Americans.

You can hear us here