Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Katherine, Anne, Jane, Anne, Catherine, Catherine

I went to Hampton Court today to see the palace of Henry VIII's six wives. I took my one wife along. It's nice just having one wife. It's hard to hold the hands of six wives when you are walking through the Hampton gardens.

As soon as we got to Hampton, the students spread out like red ants. It's hard not to at Hampton, where the grass stretches on and on, and every corner reveals another fountain or the world's longest grape vine. Lexi found a secret garden. Missy stole a rose. I tried to steal a Jazzy to ride around on, but the lady caught me. And when I told her that I had recently had back surgery, she wasn't having it! She asked for a 'credit card or something' that proves that I had just had surgery. Sorry, but who gives out special credit cards after surgery? I think she was making that up. She was a grouch. She didn't appreciate me trying to steal that Jazzy.

We went through Henry's palace, listening to the audio tour. Lisa and I made sure that we punched in the secret code at exactly the same time, just to be sure that we heard the same jokes in our headphones at exactly the same moment. We would look at each other and laugh, as if to say 'I really liked that joke' or 'What an interesting bit of information!' or, in the haunted hallway, 'Spooky.'

I have a lot of respect for Henry VIII because I played him in A Man for All Seasons at BYU. Everyone thinks of Henry VIII as this fat guy who beheads wives and gnaws on turkey legs. But did you know that in his day he was quite handsome and athletic? How do you think I got cast? His best feature was his legs. He wore a lot of tights. You should have seen the tights I had to wear in that show.

This doesn't have anything to do with Henry VIII, but I took Lisa to Mary Poppins tonight. One of the songs in it is called 'Practically Perfect in Every Way.' It's not hard, I think, to make the obvious connection to my date.