Tuesday, May 30, 2006

putting it together

Lisa and I painted the town something fierce today, aided and abetted by Adam and Loraine. You'll remember Adam and Loraine; they are British. But they are also American. It depends on who they are with and where they are at the moment. They are mostly British, but they talk really loud. So they are kind of American. We walked around London today, talking really loud.

We started at the Patisserie on Gloucester Road. The same one where I saw Raquel Cassidy my second day here. It's my neighborhood Patisserie. In walks Raquel Cassidy again! No big deal this time. I'm used to seeing celebrities walking around Kensington now (just wait to hear who I saw tonight!)We ate some breakfast and overstayed our welcome, which didn't bother us at all, because we were busy gossiping about YOU.

We took the double decker from there down to Leicester, and walked to Covent Garden. This being Bank Holiday (just what the English need; one more day to loaf around and drink) Covent Garden was packed. Lisa wore some ill-advised shoes. They were silver and new, but alas, they gave her blisters. I guess that's what happens when you "Pay less." So we sat on the steps of Covent Garden as she applied some plasters on her gaping ankle wound (plasters are band-aids.) Then we watched all kinds of street performers do special tricks.

I have a new obsession! Those people who spray themselves gold or silver and act like statues. I like to watch them, but mostly I like to pretend like I can do that. I did it for a few minutes in Covent Garden, and Lisa and Adam put money in my cap. When I get home I'll show you how good I am at the statue performance. Not to brag, but I am really good at it. I'm not hiding my candles under a bushel.

The weather was inexplicable. Hot, cold, sun, rain, nothing could be predicted.

We ate again at a place called The Stockpot. It's a diner south of Picadilly. We had a three course meal, and of course I went with the Bangers and Mash. We talked a lot at the Stockpot. It was sort of like a Village Inn, without the food poisoning.

Lisa, Loraine and I saw Sunday in the Park with George tonight, which happens to be my favorite Sondheim musical. I loved it. It was beautiful, and the set was thrilling. Much of what they did with it was computer generated, so walls shifted and dogs and monkeys jumped around the stage via projection. It was seamless, and the music, as always, was eclectic and tight. Lisa had never seen it, so it was exciting for me to watch her. We were on the front row. Spitting distance.

At intermission we saw Trey Parker and Matt Stone in the lobby. The creators of South Park! I told you I saw some big celebs tonight!