Monday, August 04, 2008

going places, seeing things

I went to the Centre Pompidou this morning, and it was all very modern. Everything looked like it had been painted by Nuni, or maybe by his wife, Nooni. All the same, I think the Pompidou is my favorite art gallery in Paris, because not all of the pictures look the same (ahem, D’Orsay?) it’s not unreasonably big (hear that, Louvre?) and there’s not a million people there (every other Museum.) And I know I’m supposed to walk around feeling provoked and put out because it’s just a blob of paint – I could do that! But I don’t. I couldn’t. I think the art is fantastic and I appreciate it. For me, the emperor has clothes on. I may not get all of it, but I’m fascinated with the colors, textures, and emotions of it. And I think that’s the point. It’s a great experience, the Pompidou.

Two things I liked:

Phillipe Starck - Chairs. Nina Simone was playing in this room.

Jordi Colomer - Arabian Stars.

Less fantastic was the Paris aquarium. We went there because it was highly recommended by our Museum pass, but maybe it’s because they are frantically trying to get people to go there. There are 80 odd tanks of aquatic life, but most of them have guppies or clownfish, and I can see that at Utah Lake or in Finding Nemo back home. I was underwhelmed. Also, the whole place smelled really septic. And on one final, related, note, the bathrooms are unisex! I walk in there and a bunch of teenage girls were washing their hands. And an old married couple came in and used adjoining stalls. It was a bad experience.

Daniel, Joe, and I spent the rest of the day maneuvering about the Paris metro system. It’s complicated, and the trains aren’t as new or clean as London. But we had some good talks and I had heaping plate o nachos at the Louvre CafĂ©. Also, we lounged at the Pyramid pool and talked about, among other things, the surplus population.

Paris was in full force tonight as we took one of those riverboat tours. The weather was spectacular and the Seine was dappled green as the sun went down and the lights of the city came on. We rode on the left side of the boat so we could be right up against the water. This was fun in it’s own way, but unfortunately all the big sights were on the right side. So we missed them. But we were able to wave and “raise the roof” to lovers along the river, and we also played “most fun boat” whenever we passed other fleet.

The Eiffel Tower twinkled again for us at 10:00, and we were still there talking when it twinkled at 11:00. I only wish I had bought one of those souvenir Eiffel Towers that glow different colors! But I could never find one. Oh, I’m just being sarcastic. There are about 10,000 of those for sale all along the Trocodero.